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For stable, quality fill material on your construction or landscaping site, choose Dirtminers. We supply screened, premium fill dirt for structural and landscape projects. Get affordable bulk pricing and reliable delivery right when you need it.

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Fill Dirt in Construction


Fill dirt, also known as fill soil, is a type of dirt that has been specifically excavated and processed for construction and landscaping use. It consists of soil, clay, and rock particles that have been screened to remove unwanted materials like debris, roots, weeds, and large rocks.

In the construction industry, the type of dirt used can significantly impact the stability and longevity of a project.

The most commonly used type of dirt for construction purposes is Fill Dirt.

Fill dirt contains minimal organic matter.

Clay-based fill dirt is often used around foundations and retaining walls for its compaction abilities.

Sandy loam fill is preferred for grading and drainage.



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Dirtminers makes getting quality fill dirt fast and hassle-free. We deliver screened fill soil right to your construction or landscaping site so you can start filling and grading promptly.

Bulk pricing means great value, while our personalized customer service ensures your delivery meets your exact specifications. No more coordinating multiple piecemeal dump truck deliveries.

With Dirtminers, you get:

  • Screened, debris-free structural fill dirt
  • Precise loads from 1-100 yards
  • Convenient on-site bulk delivery
  • Fill dirt when and where you need it
  • Competitive bulk rates, volume discounts

Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on the build. Get your next fill dirt project off to a smooth start with reliable, on-time delivery from Dirtminers!

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  • Low Organic Matter: Fill dirt is usually stripped of organic matter, making it less prone to decomposition and shifting over time.
  • High Compaction: It has excellent compaction properties, providing a stable base for construction projects.
  • Variable Composition: While the composition can vary, it often consists of a mixture of soil, sand, and small, rocky material.


  • Raising Ground Level: Fill dirt is often used to raise the ground level before construction begins.
  • Foundation Support: It serves as a stable material under foundations, sidewalks, and roads.
  • Backfilling: After the construction of retaining walls or foundations, fill dirt is used to backfill or fill in the spaces around the structures.
  • Land Grading: It’s also used for grading the land to direct water flow away from building structures.

Quality Matters:

  • Screened vs. Unscreened: Screened fill dirt has been sifted to remove large debris and may be more suitable for certain projects that require a more uniform material.
  • Engineered Fill: In some cases, engineered fill dirt is used, which is specifically designed to meet certain criteria like compaction, moisture content, and load-bearing capacity.