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Dirtminers delivers Bulk Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Garden Soil, Sand, and Gravel

Bulk Dirt, Soil, Sand, Gravel and Rocks

Welcome to Dirtminers – Your Topsoil, Dirt, Sand, and Gravel Supplier

Dirtminers has been proudly supplying bulk quantities of top-quality soil, dirt, sand, gravel, and other essential construction materials to clients throughout the region for years. 

As experienced earthworks and landscaping pros, we understand how important it is to source the right materials for every job. That’s why we offer an extensive range of soil, aggregates, and landscaping supplies, all available for delivery in bulk loads to save you time and money. 

No job is too big or small for our dedicated team and fleet of trucks. We can deliver precisely the amount you need, when and where you need it.

Our Top Products:

  • Topsoil – Ideal for improving lawns and gardens. We supply top-quality screened topsoil blended for optimal drainage and nutrient content.
  • Fill Dirt – For structural backfilling and grading. Our fill dirt is free of trash, debris and rocks.
  • Sand – A range of concrete, play, paver and specialty sands perfect for construction projects big and small.
  • Gravel – Crushed and processed gravel available in sizes from 3/4″ down to fines. Use for driveways, drainage, landscaping and more.
  • Landscape Supplies – Decorative stone, compost, mulch, and other essential landscaping materials.

No matter what quantity or type of earthworks supplies you require, Dirtminers has the solution. Get in touch today to discuss your project and get a competitive bulk rate quotation. 

Call us or email. 

We look forward to supplying you!